View Full Version : Intake Upgrade of sorts

09-27-2008, 08:47 PM
I seem to have a collection of old intake hoses, and decided to try to put them to use today. From day one I was very unhappy with the stock air hose that runs between the airbox and the front of the car. I don't remember exactly were this intake hose came from. I snagged it at a junk yard and odds are it came from a full sized Ford truck or van.

Here's the factory hose installed. I was really unhappy with the way the end just hung there under the hood.

Here you can see the differences in the inside diameters of the 3 hoses.

Here's the original hose with two possible replacements.

The new hose with the old hose as a reference.

The last two show the replacement hose. The only issues I have is that I need to ensure the new hose doesn't rub a hole in the upper radiator hose and I wish the end fit through the hole for the headlight bucket. I'm going to continue looking for a better hose or consider modifying the current one. It's slightly too long and that makes it inflexible. Trimming it may resolve that problem.

This isn't intended as a final intake mod or the best one out there. It more of a show of what's possible. Plus this mod would most likely pass most visual inspections in states with inspections.