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03-05-2009, 10:16 PM
OK. Owners of sedan A-Bodies & other oldish GM cars have LOTS of options when looking for replacement seats. Salvage yards are full of cars with nice 4 door interiors. Us coupe guys have it rough. Happy enough to even FIND a coupe in the yard, I rarely find any decent salvageable bits after I get done lamenting the loss of yet another coupe. Awhile back, I found an extremely low mileage 87 Ciera Brougham sedan in the yard. With well under 50k on the clock, its maroon bucket-seat/console shift interior was absolutely flawless & even had no sun fading on the rear seat back. Needless to say, I bought it on the spot. Now, what to do with it?????

Will I finally find a use for my extra set of extremely worn Eurosport CL coupe buckets???


Test subject number one: The passenger seat.

Step one, remove base.



Step two, see those little metal clips? They are called hog rings. There are lots of them. Almost all of them need removing! Fun!


Step three, after removing a bunch of those offending rings, pull up the outside of the seat to uncover these bolts. This is the metal brace that will be removed & replaced by the folding mechanism. The two on the seat base need removed.


This is the new folding mechanism set on the seat in the same position it will be in once installed.....just for reference.


Once those two bolts are removed, the seat back will fall apart from the base, as it is only actually attached on one side. The other side is a pivot.Carefully pull the seatback's cushion & outer covering upwards, so that you can remove the two remaining bolts on the metal brace. This pic shows the brace removed & set next to the folding mechanism. the other sides seat pivot can also be seen.


Install the folding mech into the seat back & bolt it down. Put the seat halves together & bolt them together with the first two bolts that you removed. This pic shows it bolted up, my hand is holding back the seat sidecovering that will need to have a hole made in it for the handle.


Look at that! It folds!! Now I need to reinstall new hogrings, and make that hole for the handle!!!


Now the question is this: Do I use these in my 86 Eurosport as I was originally intending, or should I convert the Ex-Fizz Ciera to bucket seats?? Not sure yet.

03-05-2009, 11:07 PM
I vote for converting the fizzmobile to buckets.

It is a tight squeeze getting a sedan rear seat bottom to fit in the back of a coupe. In mine, I had to eliminate the lower screw and sleeve in the plastic side panels in order to gain a little more clearance. It may have been because it was a VR seat with the added bolsters though.

03-05-2009, 11:10 PM
I vote for converting the fizzmobile to buckets.

That is kinda what I'm leaning towards right now too.

.........................It may have been because it was a VR seat with the added bolsters though.

Now that is just rubbing salt in my wounds! I love the VR seats!

03-06-2009, 07:44 PM
Hog rings from hell.

When I removed the covers from the back seat in the Bluesmobile, i simply cut the damn rings. When I put the cover on again (after giving it a couple of very needed machine washes), I used a plastic coated steel cord (often used as cloth lines). Just one long line, threaded through the holes. Much easier to manage doesn't fall out, and strong enough for even the most horrible abusers of interiors.