View Full Version : For sale: 3400 parts

04-09-2009, 04:44 PM
Long story short started a 3400 project a couple years ago. Bought a top end form a 97’ van and a whole motor form a 98’ van. Ran into problems and ran out of interest. I got laid off now I need money. I have a bunch of stuff left. I was going to put his stuff on eBay then post it here but thought I would start here. All prices are OBO
• 97’ Blank UIM and LIM painted high temp black $150+ shipping
• Valve covers painted high temp black $15+ shipping
• Oil pan painted high temp black $25+ shipping
• Front cover painted high temp black $15+ shipping
• 98’ UIM and LIM 100 + shipping
• FFP pulley $75 Shipped
I dumped out a couple boxes of stuff to see if someone local (on craigslist) would take it all. Take a look Let me know If there is any thing you what we can work out a price and ship it. Things of interest will probably be
• Throttle bodies (2)
• Injectors and rails
• Ignition and coils
All the things in bags like valves, springs, rockers, nuts and bolts I’d like to see someone use or I can scrap them. Thanks in advance ~Josh

Check out he pics at: