View Full Version : 1994 3.1 Fuel pump

11-15-2007, 07:44 PM
Our beater 94 Olds Cruiser may need a fuel pump. When the fuel level is lower than 1/3 to 1/4 of a tank it will stall occasionally. If we fill up the tank this goes away. I had similar issues with the Jeep had to drop the tank and swap out the fuel pump. I had a 1999 Cherokee Sport that exhibited similar issues. It was a pain in the A$$ on the jeep is it any easier on these cars or you gotta drop the tank?

I have the Factory Service manual but, as usual with GM it is vague and a pain to read compared with other OEM manuals ( I think).

11-16-2007, 02:25 AM
Dont know about a wagon but a Sedan 6000 is pretty easy. Now the AWD STE's are a little worse but still nothing terrible.

11-16-2007, 09:07 PM
I wouldn't think its the fuel pump itself, but actually the pickup may be loose or broken. But yeah not terrible to take off, just the straps and hoses. Use a jack to support it! Don't try to muscle it out.

11-20-2007, 05:55 PM
Thanks for the tips I am gonna assume that it must be some kind of garbage in the tank (rust) I ran it down to e the other day and not one problem. Car seems to run worse when it is wet outside. I recently replaced the wires and plugs. Coils looked ok. I assumed it was fuel due to stalling when it was near 1/4 to E. Looking at my log looks like it was damp and or raining when it would stall. I remember my mothers 1985 celebrity 2.5 wagon stalling in rain and water big time. What is it with the A' body FWd that their engines do not like damp air?

11-24-2007, 01:28 AM
drop the tank...

Suck it dry before dropping it