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06-26-2009, 04:02 AM
Here a part of the panorama project I am working on for the time being:

http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/CuscoCatedral1EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/CuscoCatedral1) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/HattunQollaEQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/HattunQolla) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/MountainsBetweenPunoAndCuscoEQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/MountainsBetweenPunoAndCusco)

http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/PisaqValleyEQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/PisaqValley) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/RaqchiEQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Raqchi) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman1EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman1)

http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman2EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman2) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman4EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman4) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman5EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman5)

http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman6EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman6) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman7EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sacsayhuaman7) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sillustani1EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sillustani1)

http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sillustani2EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sillustani2) http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sillustani3EQsmall.jpg (http://flashificator.com/1/PanoExamples/AlaskaPeruTours/Sillustani3)

These are just SIMPLE SIMPLE things... not at all close to the final look, but the panos themselves are as they will be... since the client wants them in low resolution, rather than bigger and slower loading projects with high resolution.

06-26-2009, 05:23 AM
Beautiful! Where are these stone structures located?

06-26-2009, 05:35 AM
yea ?^

06-26-2009, 07:53 AM
Sacsayhuaman and Sillustani are the places with the stone structures. These are ruins from the times of the Incas. The stone work is absolutely incredible. Blocks that weigh around (and above) 350 tons are cut and fit together as if they had been made out of wax. The structures that have not been affected by earthquakes or sliding grounds, are so perfect, that it is (literally) impossible to get a razor blade (or thinner objects) between the stone blocks.

Sillustani is the place with the "silos" ... those are burial grounds, and one actually walks on human bone fragments, teeth laying on the ground etc.

Here a picture showing the size of these graveyard silos:


These places are in very high altitudes (13-16,000 ft), and the air is thin and stripped of oxygen... darn hard to do anything at all. Even raising the arm (repeatedly) to press the shutter button on the camera was hard. The muscles need oxygen in the blood, the lungs scream for oxygen... but to no avail. Breathing deep several times... will only get you tired, and not get you oxygen.

I enjoyed the trip, even after having altitude sickness and having to walk up and down mountains like a maniac.... it was hard, but absolutely worth the experience.

06-28-2009, 02:25 AM
Awesome pics. You dont see anything like that here in florida, lol.

06-28-2009, 08:56 AM

I'm with ya on that. From Palm Coast myself.


Beautiful. I'd love to visit South America someday. Definitely would love to see Manchu Picchu. It seems to me that there isn't enough research being done down there. Everybody is obsessed with Egypt or elsewhere.

I'm not saying that Egypt isn't beautiful- I'm just saying that there's so much stuff hidden in South America. It's a shame that we don't study their culture much more than what we do today.