View Full Version : 1990 Pontiac 6000 4WD parts

08-10-2009, 07:03 PM
1990 Pontiac 4WD 6000 SE . I've started cutting it up to take to the crusher. My wife says it must be gone by next month. If there are any parts you need let me know. Runs & drives great. Rust totally destroyed the frame. Call me at 518/482-7202 days, ask for Lee or email leeaooa@nycap.rr.com.

08-11-2009, 01:57 AM
Man I really want a bunch of parts from it. Seats, console, wheels, air compressor, tons more stuff. I just dont have the time to come get it from you!!! Someone here wants the dash too. PLEASE PLEASE dont send it to the crusher without all the parts (specially the AWD ones) off it!!!! I am going camping this weekend and wont be home, Do you have paypal? I could send you a deposit and maybe that would buy you more time with your wife? I really want to save the parts.

08-11-2009, 04:41 AM
I might be interested in a part, depending on your location.

08-11-2009, 11:00 AM
Thats the car here in Albany area Brian. I thought you were selling/trading your car?

08-12-2009, 03:35 AM
I am, money is the problem. The driveshaft has gone wankey again. Not sure why its eating driveshafts..

08-12-2009, 11:58 AM
The one you got from me? OYE.

08-13-2009, 06:28 AM
yea I know..

08-13-2009, 02:52 PM
Eatting up the driveshafts? like the joints on it are going? What the heck would cause that? Not balanced or somthin?

08-14-2009, 10:29 AM
The H-Joint to be exact..

08-26-2009, 04:30 PM
Next month it's gone. So far several people say they want parts and beg me not to crush it, but here it still sits. Everyone wants it but not enough to come and get it, or pay me to ship them anything. I'll save what I can, but I'm not about to pull the tranny just in case someone may want it someday.
Call me 518/482-7202 weekdays (I'm in Albany, NY) or email leeaooa@nycap.rr.com.

09-24-2009, 02:19 AM
There is some reserected interest in mine.

I am interested in the rear calipers, struts if they are any good. spare tire cover and trunk carpet. I need a steering rack..but i am probably getting a spare one. I could use a spare rear pumpkin(blew one of these up once)