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09-09-2007, 03:24 AM
I'd like to welcome everyone to the new A-Body.net forums.

You'll notice that it looks quite different. We are now running vBulletin forum software, mostly because it is what I am familiar with and I believe it is one of the most, if not THE most flexible forum software out there.

None of the previous forum's posts have been carried over to this forum because most of the best information there was already coverted to Knowledge Base info, which will be added in its entirety to this site in the coming days.

You'll also notice that this forum is much smaller; with only three public forums available for questions & answers. There is also no Off-Topic forum. The purpose of A-Body.net is to provide relevant information to those who need it. This is intended to be a resource for those searching the Internet for help, and a place for those of us who know these cars inside and out to share their knowledge. As such, the discussions here are to stay on topic and focused on what this site is intended to do, as I just explained.

The emphasis here will be on static website (Knowledge Base) content. If the KB does not answer someone's questions, then they are more than welcome to ask their question in our forums. Since the KB is the first source of information, we will be aggressively seeking content submissions from users.

There is still some work to do here, but the new site is slowly taking shape, as you can see. Everything I do here will be with the intent of making this site as helpful as possible to those who need help while coming with as little maintenence & headaches for me.

Again, thank you all for your patience and I look forward to working with everyone to build our information base back up and make A-Body.net the best resource out there for our cars.