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01-19-2008, 03:07 AM
Since there's no classified section yet, I'll post this here. I'm thinking of selling my '86 Celebrity Euro sedan in it's current condition. I bought this car several years ago to replace the non-euro 3speed Celeb I had at the time. I have bought several vehicles since then and I no longer have a need for this car. I have lost interest in it and therefore have no enthusiasm to finish it, and garage space is needed. Anyway, here's the details:
'86 Celebrity Eurosport 4door, 2.8 F.I. and a column shifted 4speed auto. Odometer shows 12K, I assume actual is 112K. Original motor failed due to an idiot that changed the oil, current motor is from an '88 Fiero with 120K. I replaced ALL gaskets, as well as the timing chain and high volume oil pump. Cylinder walls looked great. The exterior of the car is in great shape and there is ZERO RUST. The paint is black (repainted original color) and will look great with a good washing and waxing. Only a few small dings and scratches. Wheels are black painted ralleys with chrome trim rings and new chrome GM center caps, tires are good, fronts nearly new. The car has a gray CL bench seat interior that literally looks almost new, the carpet is just slightly dirty. Power windows, locks, tilt, cruise, delay have not been tested due to a lack of a battery, but at least it has those options. Several things need done to get the car on the road again. P.S. pump, Alt., starter, plenum, throttle body, and radiator need to be installed. I would recommend the the gas tank be emptied and a new pump installed. The shifter cable is also broken, and the windshield is cracked. The car has the potential to be a very nice car with a little work and a little money. I also have a complete floor-shift setup, other than the seats themselves. I would like to get $500 out of the car, I probably have more than that in it. If anyone is interested, I can post pics. I'm in central Ohio. Otherwise, I may just finish the car one day, lol.