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01-20-2008, 05:55 AM
Inventor Steve Ryan from Auckland, New Zealand, is not a biochemist, his expertise is in financing. But he has developed process by which a stock Suzuki 350cc motorcycle can run on regular tap water (after it has been processed in his invention for approximately 20 minutes). His company, Biosfuel, is convinced that H2O is the power that will fuel the next commercial and industrial revolution. This New Zealand version of the 60 Minutes show aired October 2005 in Australia. American companies such as Aquygen with their HHO fuel project feel Steve is right on about water technology as well. Rumors have been flying around about a water-powered Hummer to be released in the near future. I wonder why so few people on this side of the world have heard about this possible alternative to $1.50 pump gas. The military knows about it, they have already contacted the inventor. He is already in fear he might disappear.



And his website:


So it's here already... but not in our hands... yet.

01-21-2008, 12:30 AM
I smell snake oil. The only product they appear to sell on that website is a fuel heater that installs in the radiator hose. This will cause all sorts of issues. The engineers go to lengths to keep the fuel cool, not warm.

01-21-2008, 08:33 PM
wow, thats pretty heavy stuff if its true. I think his way if thinking is perfectly logical. If you don't know it can't be done, and you are thinking outside of the box from the start, then you just might be able to pull it off. The only question I have is can it be done with sea water? Or does it have to be potable water? If it can be done with sea water, it could revolutionize everything.

01-21-2008, 09:39 PM
I smell snake oil. The only product they appear to sell on that website is a fuel heater that installs in the radiator hose. This will cause all sorts of issues. The engineers go to lengths to keep the fuel cool, not warm.

deisel at lest gm diesel have in line fuel heaters i think it help keep to lube the injecton pump......but im not sure

01-21-2008, 09:54 PM
i smell some sort of a hooks (putting water in a box and you cna burn it)...............even if it true we become $^#$ because you have to buy the formal box thing. so we go from having an oligopoly to a monopoly because he owns the technology

01-22-2008, 07:19 AM
If it can be done with sea water, it could revolutionize everything.

Thats the first thing I thought. Can you imagine if we tried to run our whole civ on freshwater? We would all die of thirst! Personally, I am thinking BS on this one at this time though...It is interesting to think though that water contains all that is needed to run an internal comustion engine. One hydrogen atom & two oxygen atoms to burn it with!

01-22-2008, 10:25 AM
There is a lot of snake oil out there. Bunch of promises that are to be realised "next week" (that never comes) etc.

This is downunder in Australia, and there the patent laws are as strict as they are in Europe (as far as I know). That means that if a patent application is filed, the proposed function of the thing in the patent paper, MUST work according to the description, or the whole thing will be flushed out, and not patent will be issued. It's not like it was in the US, where there is even a patent on how a tablet should be swallowed....

If he got his patent on the motorbike fuel, then it works. If not... it is not reproducable... and therefore a hoax.

The used motor oil (40%) blended with (60%) water, used as fuel on the 18 year old Toyota Land Cruiser diesel engine, running across Australia in the "Solar challenge" proves that he is onto something out of the ordinary.

I hope... but am sceptical. If someone comes up with a clean energy source where people don' t have to bankrupt themselves to keep house hot and car running, it would be great for the world as a whole.

01-22-2008, 01:33 PM
I just read more of this website, and it is a croc. These people want to capitalize on the "sheep" beleiving pseudo-schence and half-truths. In the media, envirinmental, "green" stories sell. The "masses" are stupid in general and will beleive anything an expert tells them.

There IS DEFINATELY a powdered substance that will dissolve in water and produce a solution that will run an internal combustion engine originally designed for gasoline.

Our miliary bought into it years ago but as far as I know the drawbacks were so severe they never developed it. Low cost was never an intended benefit, it was only an emergency fuel. The powder took less storage space than gasoline and could be added to water in an emergency as a "get home" fuel supply.

The first drawback was the cost. Plus chemicals were highly reactive / poisonous. The engine used for the demonstration was in bad need of repairs the next day, from the water-based fuel solution sitting in the carburetor overnight.

Bottom line is, unless you are sustaining a nuclear reaction; you can not create energy. Chemical reactions can only store or release existing energy.

You can break down water using electrical energy, and store the hydrogen and oxygen separately. When you let the hydrogen and oxygen react with each other (such as burning in an engine) the energy you put in using electricity for electrolysis is released. The resulting exhaust is water. You put in energy and broke apart the water; then you released the energy and got the water back. Simple as that. No energy is created from scratch. This is how the hydrogen motorcycle demonstration worked on that website.

I am skeptical of things that seem to violate the laws of physics, and I am skeptical of things that are "too good to be true" which this is both.

This man is afraid the big oil companies will make him "disappear" according to the video on that site. Actually - what may happen is after he has collected large sums of cash to develop this idea, he will disappear with the money and go live happily ever after in some other country.

Just about every page on that site contains pure, pseudo-scientific bullshit.

We need to develop alternative fuels, no doubt. But there are proven ways that do work and are already being developed. I'm not an "anti- environment" guy, and I pay as much for gas as the next person. That's one reason a site like this is so bad - it is preying on a need everyone has, and claiming to solve a very real problem. As long as people continue to invest in this, they will continue to blow smoke.

This is my opinion, EDUCATED opinion no less, but still an opinion.

Sorry for the rant guys but I can't stand to see people taken advantage of.