View Full Version : 3.3 firing order

Ken N.
03-01-2011, 10:21 PM
What is the firing order of my 3.3 how cylinders numbered and cylinder numbers going down the coil packs. I think the spark plug wire are on wrong.Thanks Ken N.

03-10-2011, 08:23 AM
I assume it would be the same firing order as my 1993 cutlass ciera a-body? I'll try and post my firing order tomorrow.

03-10-2011, 03:31 PM
Buick 3300, right?


Ken N.
03-12-2011, 04:03 AM
Thanks so much.I have a bad bad miss and hard to accelerate. A mechanic said it was a coil pack so I changed one coil pack wires and plugs ran good two days and back to the same thing.It seams like any coil pack that is in the 5/2 position it does not put out enough volts ?Thanks again Ken N.

03-12-2011, 06:13 AM
Sounds like more than one coil is going bad.