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07-20-2011, 11:11 PM
In a quest to replace the springs on the rear of the van I opted for the Moog 667 Cargo Coils as I have had heavy loads in the back that have taxed the Load Level Pump, as well as the addition of the tow hitch...

The Stock springs are a constant rate coil.. The springs supposedly drop 1" for every 200 Lbs applied... I once had 1200 Lbs in the van and the stock springs and the ELC could not deal with this... I had to pull the fuse for the ELC as to not cook the pump... The system had a 10 minute shut off, but will again come on and try to pump up the rear end...

Spring removal & Replacement

1) Jack up the rear of the van

2) Support the axle

3) Remove wheels

4) If you have ELC, pop the ELC arm off the track bar

5) Remove the track bar to axle bolt & nut, push the bar out of the way

6) Remove the shock bolt and nut, both sides

7) Slowly lower the axle removing tension from the springs, lower the axle just enough so that you can locate the pigtail end location on the top of the springs... I always like to install the top pigtail ends into the factory location unless otherwise noted in the instructions... For the spring rubbers if they are in good shape reuse them, if not replace them..

8) Once the springs are installed and the are held in place by the axle, carefully check for proper location...

9) Install the shock bolts and tighten, you can now remove the axle support jack

10) to reinstall the track bar, jack up on the left side of the axle to aid in aligning the track bar to the axle, this will make re installation easier..

11) If equipped re install the ELC arm to the track bar

12) Re install the wheels and lower the van...

13) Time for a test drive...

Here is what I started with

Moog 667 Cargo Coil springs.. I have had pretty good loads in the van, the stock rear springs and the ELC were a little less than adequate...

The springs side by side.... New vs Stock

This is the ride or comfort part of the spring

This is the Load or higher rate of the spring

These are variable rate coils as opposed to the stock straight rate... These Variable rate cargo coils will ramp up or become progressively stiffer as they are compressed.. Making for a bit of a firmer ride as well as having more load capacity...

springs installed Van on the ground

General pics

And finally... I love tools... a friend of mine had one of these... First time I saw this thing I laughed my A$$ off and said " whats that going to do ?" He handed it to me and i tried it... Both of my friends that were with me that day tole me the look on my face was priceless when I used this tool... I liked it soo much I had to have one... Worth every penny.. I love the idea of using something like this for the mild jobs...lol... 200 Ft Lbs... I also love how the craftsman battery powered tools all use the same battery...

That was my van work day.... Next on the list is to drop the tank and replace the Fuel sending unit as well as the 3 year old fuel pump...lol

07-21-2011, 09:10 PM
Nice work. I really like these U-vans, hope to have one as a people hauler someday.

07-22-2011, 12:49 AM
I always liked the dust buster.... The Trans Sport from 94-96 I liked the most.. after driving one for the last 3.5 years I have really become attached...lol