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04-14-2008, 09:49 PM
Hey guys, I'll get to posting pix soon but I just bought a '94 Century wagon with 150k miles...

Our intention is to use it for our family plumbing business...it's a lot better than the Civic we're using now. We don't carry a serious amount of weight so it should work out, maybe 3-400 lbs. The car sits about level without weight but the rear sags a bit with the normal load. What would you guys suggest doing to keep the car a little raked with the load? We'll probably get a hitch and use it once in a while for towing a small trailer.

As I understand it, U-body minivan rear springs fit...would this route be the way to go? Should I use the U-body struts as well or stick with new A body struts?

I checked with my Advance store and they have adjustable Monroe rear struts for "hauling and towing" for the A-body wagon. They look pretty fancy and like they would do the job...they have a spring and all with it. Should I go this route you think, with new A-body coil springs? These and U-body springs? I dunno what the best route would be. This stuff isnt too expensive and I'm willing to invest a little bit so bottom-buck isn't a big issue.

Is there anything else I should replace back there? I'll feel the bushings and all though

Thanks guys.

04-14-2008, 10:20 PM
wow.... Good to see you on the A Body forum...

I'd tell you to look at the load rating... Being that you have a 94 if memory serves they went to the newer style spring for the rear as compared to prior years... You may want to look at the free height and install height to see if there are variations between the Wagon and U body spring...

I have been looking into similar as I want better springs for the Pontiac transport I'm working on...

I'm not sure weather to recommend the coil overs or the Monroe Max Air shocks for you...

04-15-2008, 12:15 AM
haha what makes it good I'm on the A body board...? Oh, wait, you're from BC right?

Anyway, Advance says the Max Air's aren't available, but these are the fancy Monroe's they've got

Interestingly, they're the same ones prescribed for the U-body