View Full Version : E2SE Varajet Floats - Two different types?

03-09-2020, 05:45 PM
My car came to me running rich, and my first thought was to replace the carb float and rule that out as an issue. However, when I ordered up a float, it was larger than the one I had in there, and would not fit. The one that came in the carb was smaller, and had a plastic baffle that went around the needle and seat, along with a plastic cover that went over the pin that holds the float in place. It and the two additional pieces look just like the attached picture of the Holley 215-58 float.

The floats I purchased to replace it (two of them, actually, from two different places) are almost identical, but slightly larger and come alone with no additional plastic pieces. They are too big to replace the existing float unless I remove the baffle, and they look like the attached picture of the Holley 215-65 float. I was going to fit one without the baffle and see what I got, but I figured that I would try asking here as well.

Can anyone confirm what the difference is between these two, and whether it makes any difference?

Many thanks,