Here are ALL the RPO codes for 1985 GM Vehicles.

RPO / Option

AC3 6 way power seat driver side
AD3 Sun roof, tempered glass removable panel
AG1 6 way power divided bench seat (driver side)
AG2 6 way power divided bench seat (pass. side)
AG3 6 way power driver side bench seat with 2 memory positions
AM6 Divided front bench seat with duel controls
AM9 Split folding rear seat back (wagon models)
AO1 Soft-Ray tinted windows
AQ4 Third seat (rear facing) wagon models
AT6 Reclining seat back, pass side manual
AU3 Power door locks
AU4 Automatic door locks
AU6 Lock release tailgate, power- Included in AU3 for Custom Cruiser
AW9 Locks-tire stowage and rear quarter stowage comp w/doors
A31 Power side windows (with rear vents)
A32 Power windows (side front)
A42 6 way power adjustable bench seat
AR9 Contour Reclining Bucket Front Seat
A51 Contour Bucket Front Seat (inc. with AR9)
A90 INside power trunk lid release

BW2 Moldings, body side deluxe
BX2 Moldings, Wide lower body side
BX3 Body side and tailgate wood grain vinyl paneling (wagons)
B34 Front floor mats
B35 Rear floor mats
B36 Luggage comp. floor mat
B48 Deluxe trim, luggage compartment and spare tire
B84 Moldings body side

CB4 Landau rooftop covering, padded
CC1 Roof panels, Removable glass (Cutlass Salon)
CD4 Pulse wiper system
CO9 Rooftop covering, full vinyl with padding
C10 Special Landau Vinyl top (padded) Ciera Holiday coupe
included with WJ5 Holiday package
C25 Washer/wiper, rear window (wagon)
C49 Electric rear window defogger (with timer)
C51 Window air deflector (rear wagons)
C60 AIr Cond. Four-Season
C93 Lamps, Opera Exterior
C95 Lamp, combo dome/ reading light (n.a CC1)

DE9 Console (column shift trans cars) (AR9 or AS7 req.)
DF3 Remote Passenger side mirror
D24 Litter Container
D33 Remote outside mirror (driver side)
D35 Body color remote outside mirror (driver side)
D55 Console with floor shift
D64 Visor vanity mirror with light
D68 Body color driver and pass. side exterior mirrors
D90 Accent Stripes (pin stripe)

F41 Firm Ride and Handling Package (higher rate front and rear
springs, special strut valving, larger front stabilizer bar, firm ride
rear shock absorber valving, special sterring gear)

G67 Load Leveling System (suspension)

K05 Engine Block Heater
K07 Engine Block and fuel Line heater
K34 Cruise Control

LB6 2.8 liter V6 with MFI (J-body cars)
LD5 3.8 Liter V6, 2 barrel carb.
LF9 5.7 liter diesel V8
L68 2.5 liter L4 with EFI (n-body)
LN7 3.0 liter V6 with MFI
LH8 1.8 liter L4 with EFI and OHC
LK9 3.0 liter V6, 2 barrel carb.
LN3 3.8 Liter V6 with Multi-Port Fuel Injection
LQ5 2.0 liter L4 with EFI
LR8 2.5 liter L4 with EFI (a-body)
LT7 4.3 liter desel V6 (front wheel drive)
LV2 5.0 liter V8, 2 barrel carb.

MM4 4 speed manual transmission
MM5 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive
MX1 3 speed automatic transmission
MXO 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive

NK3 Leather wrapped sterring wheel (Toronado)
NO5 Fuel Filler Cap Lock
NO9 Fuel Filler Door Lock
NP5 Leather Wrapped Sterring Wheel (all other models)
N33 Tilt Away Sterring Wheel (6 position)
N37 Tilt/Telescope Sterring Wheel
N40 Power Sterring (Firenza)
N67 Super Stock Wheels (color matched to body)
N78 Aluminum Styled Wheels (Gold Inserts optional)
N91 Locking Wire Hubcaps
N95 Locking Wire Hubcaps

TR9 Convenience Group (Lamps, Visor Mirror, Chime Tones)
TS6 High Mount Center Stop Light (High Mount Break LIght)
TT5 Tungsten Halogen Headlamps (High Beams)
T82 Twilight Sentinel
T87 Cornering Lamps (Full Size Models)

UA1 High Capacity Battery System
UA6 Theft Deterrent System
UE8 Digital Clock
UL1 AM/FM Radio with Digital Display and Electronic Tuning
UM6 AM/FM/Cass. with Electronic tuning, seek/scan, auto-reverse
and digital clock
UN3 AM/FM Cassette (Full Size models)
UN8 40 Channel CB Radio with Power Antenna
UU6 AM/FM Cassette with autoreverse and graphiv eq. (g-body)
UU8 Delco-GM/Bose AM/FM Cassette with graphic eq.
UU9 Am/FM Stereo includes duel rear speakers, electronic tuning
U58 AM/FM Stereo (Full Size Models)
U66 Duel Rear Speakers with Extended Range (inc. with all ETR radios)
U75 Power Antenna
U83 Power Tri-Band Antenna
U05 Duel Horns
U21 Rallye Instrument Panel Cluster
U23 Trip Odometer
U40 Auto Calculator (DE9 or D55 req for Ciera models)
U52 Cluster,Digital Instrument Panel

VO8 High Capacity Cooling System
V55 Roof Rack (wagons)
V58 Trunk Lid Luggage Rack

WJ7 Leather Seats
WJ4 Firenza GT Package
WJ5 Ciera Holiday Coupe Package
WJ8 Toronado Caliente Package
W47 Firenza ES Package
W42 Cutlass 442 Package
W45 Ciera GT Package
W48 Ciera ES Package

Y74 Moldings, Rocker Panel and Wheel Opening (inc. with BX2, n.a with W48)