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Remove and Reinstall Ignition Module - 3300 and 3.8L Engine

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    Remove and Reinstall Ignition Module - 3300 and 3.8L Engine

    Remove and Reinstall Ignition Module - 3300 and 3.8L Engine

    by hshess

    Ignition Module replacement on a 3300 and 3.8L* engine.
    Information Submitted by - hshess
    (Edited by 6000 SSEi)

    * Note. When changing the packs on the 3.8L you will also need a 8mm socket to use where the 5mm would be used.

    Tools needed:
    1/4" drive ratchet
    3" extension
    5mm socket
    7mm socket

    To begin, disconnect the negative battery cable.

    Take the ratchet and put the three inch extension on it. Put the 5mm socket on the end of the extension. Remove the three coil packs from the ignition module. They are held on with two 5mm bolts. Set the coil packs to the side. Don't forget what order they are mounted on the igntion module. It is not even necessary to remove the plug wires from the coil packs. Once the coil packs are removed, the ignition module just lifts up off of the mounting bracket.

    Now put the 7mm socket on the ratchet. Loosen the 7mm bolt that holds the wiring harness connector to the module. Unplug the harness and throw the module away, saying curse words because of the $100.00 you just shelled out. (optional)

    Take the new module out of the box. There should be four rubber gaskets with the new module. Three of them fit in between the posts that the coil packs plug on to. The last on fits down into the wiring harness connector. Once the gaskets are in place, plug and bolt the wiring harness into the ignition module. Lay the module on the mounting bracket, and bolt the three coil packs back in place.

    Reconnect the negative battery cable. Take car for a test drive and try to break the sound barrier with all of the power you have gained.

    Personal Experience:
    It took me about 20 minutes to replace the ignition module in 25 degree weather. The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing something fierce, so I didn't waste any time. This was my first time doing something like this and was amazed by the simplicity of it.