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Engine Tune up Basics

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    Engine Tune up Basics

    Engine Tune up Basics

    by 6000 SSEi

    These are the things that should be looked at when getting a tune up done to your vehicle.

    This will explain what a tune up is, and what some/most of the things are that are coverd during one.

    An engine tune up ensures that the engine, ignition system, fuel system and emission control systems are within factory specs. To ensure that the engine is running at peak performance and change filters at the required intervals.

    Also to check belts, hoses and other parts that deteriorate.

    Check for fault codes on computer controlled vehicles.

    Replace spark plugs.

    Replace air and fuel filters.

    Oil change and chassis lube.

    Emission control system tests and service. (reset emission maintenence reminder circuit)

    Fuel system adjustments.

    Clean throttle body and idle air control bypass on FI engines.

    Road test before and after tune up to check engine performance.

    An advanced tune up consists of all the steps above, but with more diagnostic scanning tools. Exhaust Gas analyser, compression test, a multimeter, oscilliscope and vaccume guage.