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1990 Pontiac 6000 SE AWD

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    1990 Pontiac 6000 SE AWD

    This has got to be a garage queen. Dash isnt cracked. Taillights arent dulled. Paint still looks to be shiney, no fade at the C-pillar where its common. Just look at the carpets, and mats. No shrinking of the plastics (specifically the gold inlays). For the miles, and age, this one is in damn good shape. The only red flag I see, the tires on the passenger side look to be a diferent size than the drivers side. The stock size tires have not been made in 20 years for this car.
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    Wow super nice. I wonder what the bottom looks like? Hopefully as good as the top.

    Looking at the amount of wear around the ignition, I wonder if it?s perhaps a dealer?s personal car. That little box on the dash with a socket on it almost looks like the ?black box? used in the steering wheel radio controls.
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