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1986 Oldsmobile Ciera Brougham for sale in Michigan

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    1986 Oldsmobile Ciera Brougham for sale in Michigan

    OK, I have had zero luck selling this in Northern Michigan, so I'm taking it here. The car must be sold by winter and I will work with the buyer to figure out an equitable way to share transportation costs.

    This 1986 Olds Cutlass Ciera Brougham that needs a new motor. I bought the car and a replacement motor with the intention of replacing it until I discovered the motor I bought was for a RWD configuration.

    The car is loaded, and I mean loaded. It's in excellent shape with good paint, chrome and cladding. The interior is excellent. It's got all the options. The car is too nice to junk, but would be a great source of parts, especially if one would like to upgrade to the Brougham interior.

    The car will start and run to get it on a trailer, but cannot be driven any distance. I believe it has bad head gaskets as it fills the overflow tank with steaming bubbles upon warm up.

    If you'd like further info, more photos or to discuss transportation options, email me: goldnrod24[at]hotmail[dot]com

    My asking price is $695, but as I mentioned above it must go before the snow flies as sitting outside will ruin it.

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    Wow, that does look nice. Apparently a 2.8. She's clean, and appears to have been spared much rust. Unfortunately my barn is full.

    Ken T.


      Yup, that is a nice car. Gotta get more eyes on that baby, someone will snag that sucker up.


        Last call before I part out this beautiful car. $500 as is.

        Of if you want parts, hit me up.

        goldnrod24 [at] hotmail [dot] com




            Good deal.. Are they going to rebuild it?
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