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88 cutlass cruiser rear brake line

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    88 cutlass cruiser rear brake line

    My 1988 cutlass cruiser spend some time at the beach before me. Rear brake line rusted through close to the wheel. Anybody got and ideas on getting a direct fit or will I have to bend it myself. Also what is ja8 brakes? Just saw it on rockauto looking at cylinders and shoes for the ja2 wagon.

    I’ve always bent them myself. Fingers works well. If close to a fitting, you can use pliers wrapped with tape or a piece of hose.

    Pull the line stub out and take it into the parts store to get the right end. IIRC it’s a metric line with bubble flare. Thankfully all you need is a short piece from the axle to the wheel cylinder. But check the rest of them. Then you only gotta bleed it once. They like to rust along the body, and at the cross member under the steering rack. Especially at the hold down clips. So to anchor them I just zip tie them to the existing line.

    If you gotta go to the master cylinder, I’ve always had to use American line with an adapter at each end. My parts guy had a bin of adapters and we found what fit.

    Check the wheel cylinder and make sure you can crack the bleeder loose. Otherwise you’ll have to replace the wheel cylinder too. If you do, take the wheel cylinder in with you. Autozone got me the wrong one, glad I had the old one with me.
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      Thanks tlc. Just thought i would check. Rockauto is showing the Raybestos 552RR shoe 8 55/64 X 1 49/64 on the cruiser. Shoes for $5.94 and AC Delco 18E290 wheel cylinders for the JA 2 system for $2.99. I am going to do it all including the rubber hose on the rear while i am there. I picked up a nice 2001 century to drive so the cruiser can rest on stands a week or two.