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2001 buick century 3.1 AC woes

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    2001 buick century 3.1 AC woes

    I know its not an abody but figuring someone might have some advice. Recently purchased 100k buick grandma car. Vgc. AC is intermittent. It will run and cut off or not turn on. Sometimes flipping the controls will kick the compressor in. Had mechanic look at it. Put a computer in as he said 5 volt reference was the problem. The transmission has a weird skip at highway speed and the computer seemed to help that a lot. Im at wits end. When it cools it will freeze you. I believe these are no where near the abody quality. Anybody got any advice on this problem

    AC pressure switch? Its usually located on the acumulator. Thats the first thing I would check. Lots of GM cars/trucks had problems with them in the early 2000's, including my Envoy.
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