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Front End rattle - strut parts to replace

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    Front End rattle - strut parts to replace

    I've got some front end rattle that I'm trying to address so would welcome some thoughts from others.

    I had the Ciera up on jack stands today and checked over the front end parts pretty good. I went under expecting to find a loose sway bar bushing but no; they are all tight and in surprisingly good shape. Even prying with a pry bar I could not get any noise, or excessive movement at all from the sway bar. Both tires seem tight when doing the 9-3 and 12-6 positions checks.

    What I did find (and the only thing I've found) is that something in my right front strut area can move. When I reach in above the tire to grab the coil spring I can get vibration and movement by jerking on the spring. (The other side is tight with no such movement).

    I loosened up the center nut on top of the mount and then re-torqued it back down with no change. I can not get any movement by just pulling and pushing on that large top center nut (using a deep socket). I'm ready to replace parts on that RF position. I would rather get a new strut and other parts, rather than install a "quick-strut" because I have not found good reviews on the quick-strut assemblies for our A-body applications (please correct me if you disagree). I have replaced struts before (transferring over the spring) and understand the need for careful spring compression and safety.

    I think I will go with either Monroe or A/C delco. I will order a new strut, strut mount and bellow. However, do I also need to get a new upper spring seat and insulator ( or is that included as a part of the new strut mount)? Since I could not see any movement in the strut mount (from the top side) I wonder if the spring seat / insulator is actually going to be the problem area, like the rubber is cracked or dried up to allow the spring to move at the bottom side of the strut mount?

    Any thoughts or ideas ?
    1993 Olds Ciera S, 3300 - 110K - Sapphire blue leather interior

    98 Chevy Venture 3.4L 196K

    Jack up the passenger side enough the wheel is off the ground open the hood . While the wheel is off the ground take your foot and push in the lower lip of the rim and then watch the strut where the nut is I bet you have a bad strut mount if it pops /wiggles / pushing down . Ball joints tend to make a rattle loose as well . Control arms bushings u will know when they are bad unstable steering . The strut mount gets sloppy an rear the rubber insulator and u get movement