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    Originally posted by CamoDeafie View Post
    ALL OF THEM. Just to be on the safe side. (Notorious for blowing the lower intake manifold gaskets though)
    just the lower intake gasket. You don't need to do the head gaskets.

    Buy the FEL-PRO PERMA-DRY problem solving Gasket set or you will be sorry. the original nylon and plstic gaskets are the bane of this engine, they crack and the nylon shfits and leaks. Once the intake gasket is replaced, you are golden for miles and miles and miles. Don't forget the distributor drive gear while you are down there. You can double seal that with a new ring and a cardboard gasket.

    btw, where are you? is this a third row of seats type wagon? colors?


      my 3300 blew a head gasket, even though its RARE at 105K miles.....but jsut be on safe side, replace all with new gaskets, no worries later on.
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        I'm in Florida, yes it has 3 rows of seats, red interior, black exterior (was red)