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What came with the A-Body towing package?

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    What came with the A-Body towing package?

    Has anyone used their A-Bodies as a tow vehicle?
    If so, how well did it perform?

    What was included in the A-Body Tow Package?

    Has anyone used their A-Bodies as a tow vehicle?

    If so, how well did it do?

    How can I tell it my '95 Century Wagon has the tow package?
    When I bought the car, the owner mentioned the final drive was in
    the 3's but I can't remember the exact numbers.


      What was included in the A-Body Tow Package?

      Whoops! I need to go to sleep. Sorry.


        How can I tell it my '95 Century Wagon has the tow package?
        There should be a towing ball in front of the rear bumper, and a receiver hitch bolted to the frame, behind the rear bumper. If your car had it at one time, you'll see 2 holes on each frame rail 2-4" behind the bumper, near the gas tank.

        A lot of a-body cars had a towing package. My 1993 Buick Century did, but it was removed by the previous owner. I've never towed anything with the Century, but I would think that 2,000 lbs probably will be borderline, 3,000 lbs at the maximum. I wouldn't tow anything if you had 4 cylinders. v-6, sure. Personally, I would limit myself to 1,000-1,500 lbs to be "nice" to my car.



          Also, on most GM cars, a towing package would also come with an upgraded transmission cooler. Other than that, I have no idea!
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            Hi Clarence,

            My 1990 Century Wagon is set up for towing. I had a FRAME hitch installed - I don't recommend a bumper hitch. The car was then wired for our camper, which weighs about 2500 pounds. I had Monroe gas charged shocks installed. The gas shocks allow you to lift the rear of your car to compensate for the tongue-weight of the trailer - the shocks allow you to keep your car level. I cut a square hole in the rear bumper so my wiring socket could be mounted directly into the bumber (this saves the socket from getting scraped on the ground, and from being damaged. It also allows for easy one-handed hookup / un-hooking). Our mechanic installed the air tap right next to the wiring socket in the bumper.

            How did it do? I think 2500 pounds was too much for the car. MPG's were good - about 16 mpg over interstate. But the first year out to the Black Hills our alternator failed on the way out. Then on the way back the oxygen sensor failed and MPG dropped to 12mpg. The second year the car started backfiring and we needed to get a major tune up with new ignition module, spark plugs, wires, fuel filter etc...

            We now tow with a 2002 Chevy Venture. Also with gas shocks. The venture has about 40 more horse power and tows effortlessly, getting 16 to 17 mpg on interstate.

            I suggest limiting your tow-weight to 1500 pound or less and you should be fine. I was able to tow with a 4-cylinder Pontiac 6000 years ago when we had a camper that weighed only 1000 pounds. No problems at all.


              Your transmission will hate you if you tow, So make sure to get a cooler
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