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    Hi, My name is Mathew. I'm 22, I live in Salt Lake City. I am currently a Customer Service Rep, but I've mostly done manual labour before that. My hobbies are cars, computers, and video games.

    I just got a white 1996 Buick Century a couple of weeks ago. I'm pretty proud of it! I only paid $600 for it as it was sitting in someone's back yard for the last 7 years, and all I had to do was slap a new fuel pump and sending unit in. Now she runs like a sewing machine on 7y/o gas! Here is a link to some pictures I just took this morning.

    If that link works correctly, there is another album in there that has all the pictures I still have of my "Spiritual First Car". Pearl the Blue 1992 Buick Century Stationwagon wasn't actually my first car, but she was the first car that I fell in love with. I bought Pearl for $800 in September of 2017. She ran like a top, other than a mysterious no start condition the eventually just stopped happening, until I wrecked the car in January of 2018.

    I love the indepth information on this forum, and I hope I can do something interesting enough to add to it!