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Ciera dash identification

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    Ciera dash identification

    Hey guys,

    Can you guys help me identify all years and options for the Ciera that came with this style dash? I know that it came at 'least' in 88-91 Ciera internationals, BUT, I suspect perhaps there are other years and trim packages that had this style of gauge cluster and center console with the DIC:

    I have a project i am currently undertaking, putting A 3800SC series 2 powertrain into my 85 X-11, and I want to upgrade the dash to something more sporty than the stock dash.

    Also, if anyone has a spare one off raw dashes available, or even the whole car, let me know, I'll take it off your hands.

    Console was available through 1992 but I think the DIC was dropped in 1990. Gauges too, but 1987 I think they changed over to an electronic speedo.