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What is your actual cost per mile (CPM) to buy and/or maintain your A-body?

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  • Pontiac6ksteawd
    I dont have an A-Body anymore...

    But my Envoy has been reasonable to keep on the road. I go inbetween 9-15k miles on this truck. 2017 replaced the water pump, radiator, thermostat, Serp Belts, and a oil change. Total about 1500. 2018 was 2 oil changes and a set of shocks, I did replace the radiator again, but this was done under warranty. This year will likely be an expensive year, Lower Control Arms, Ball joints, Alignment, upper control arms, and before winter hits, tires, I also may be looking at a engine replacement. She is drinking a lot of oil, about 8 quarts per oil change.

    2017 CPM - 0.10
    2018 CPM - 0.01067
    2019 CPM - 0.49 but have not driven alot of miles to get the cost down yet.

    My Aztek was a rollercoaster, until a insurance check processed. This truck goes about 4000-8000 miles per year. Cost for 2017 was 3900 spent, and an insurance check for 3927. So it was just -A- Oil change. 2018 was a cheap year, I replaced the Dashboard, and bought a rear diff used. About 200 in it for 2018. Nothing for 2019 thus far. Gotta find someone to install that rear diff I bought last year.

    2017 CPM - 0.007625
    2018 CPM - 0.02625
    2019 CPM - 0.00

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  • 85_Ciera_Rebuild
    When a person buys repairable used vehicles and performs most all maintenance, per mile cost, as based upon purchase price + parts, becomes peanuts. Government mileage deduction in 2018 was 53.5 cents per mile driven for business purposes.

    Just like auto insurance...YMMV...depending upon coverage,etc. Imho, total costs should be factored in, and then compared to business deduction. I will most likely say my costs will be peanuts when compared to most all others, including yours:-)

    August 23rd, 2017 - "The average cost rose 1.17 cents to 60.8 cents per mile, or $9,122 per year, based upon 15,000 miles of annual driving. ?Many factors go into the cost calculation of owning and operating a vehicle,? said John Nielsen, AAA Director of Automotive Engineering and Repair.".....New to the Your Driving Costs study in 2017, AAA found that electric vehicles have lower-than-average driving costs at $8,439 per year."

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  • tlc1976
    My a-bodies have been extremely reliable and cheap and easy to fix. Since they fixed my road and I'm not constantly replacing wheel bearings and balljoints, I've done maybe one cheap repair a year.

    Like on the Celebrity, this year will be trans servo cover o-ring, and hopefully fix the body rust again. 2018 water pump. 2017 brake lines, and welded cradle mount. 2016 battery. 2015 rear brake pads and ignition module. 2013 tires and welding the trailing arms, and putting in a new gas tank I had bought years earlier. 2012 alternator and battery. 2007-2011 was a blur, one year was ignition module, one year ignition lock cylinder, one year battery, one year water pump. 2006 tires and fixed the body rust. 2004 engine swap and radiator and battery, I think I did the stainless exhaust that year which I haven't had to mess with since. Periodic brakes in there somewhere and some other oddball things. Bought in 2003 with 100k for $679 ($700 minus $21 of change left in the car), put in a gas tank. Have over 300k now. Still runs great. I think it's done me very well.

    Other a-bodies have been similar. I would drive them anywhere, and have, like hundreds of miles downstate and back in the middle of the night with my daughter. I replace several things initially, which is offset by a cheap purchase price. My 89 6000 wagon I paid $30 for, was rusty to begin with, drove for 9 years as a winter ride until rust got so bad the floor and gas tank was starting to droop. Through the years, initial engine swap and gas tank, brakes, 2 sets of tires, 2 batteries, 1 exhaust, 1 crank sensor, trailing arm weld, heater core.

    My 90 6000 wagon was my first car I bought, I paid $7000 for it, but besides a set of brakes and tires, didn't have to do anything to it until 70k miles later with an alternator at 130k. Oil sending unit around 150k, starter around 160k, ignition module around 170k and 199k (my fault for using a used module). Radiator, stainless exhaust in there somewhere. Gas tank after I bottomed it on the scale at the feed store. Drove for 9 years and put 193k on it before the trailing arm went and I used it for 7 or 8 more winters as a driveway plow car. Some point in there I replaced a radiator and crank sensor.

    Cruiser was $750, got front brakes last year and is currently in process of engine swap. It won't see snow and will stay garaged, so I should be able to keep it in the excellent condition it is in right now. Besides now my daughter is 18 and I live 3x closer to work , so I don't drive near as much as I used to.

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  • CorvairGeek
    I don't specifically track mine, but I pride myself on keeping them to a minimum. I have all original powertrains in our vehicles, and very few repairs or maintenance actions I haven't performed myself. They are safe and reliable, and am willing to drive them anywhere.
    1996 Buick Century Custom purchase new around $13K (I'd have to look up the exact cost), financed for 5 years and at 189K miles.
    1992 Buick Century Special, paid $200 dollars at just under 186K miles, now at 235K.
    Not an 'A' but a 'B', my 1984 Caprice bought new for $10540, financed for just over 2.5 years. Now at over 270K miles.
    I don't think I could keep up with them if I was dealing with rust. At least it is somewhat fun in the desert.

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  • What is your actual cost per mile (CPM) to buy and/or maintain your A-body?

    The how many miles thread got me thinking it'd be cool to see the different CPM for A-bodies. My dad's purchase CPM was just under $0.07 in 1990 $s. His maintenance and repairs CPM was about $0.01 from 1990-2006. My lowest purchase CPM is for my 1990 Century Custom Sedan which is currently at $0.11875 in 2017 $s ($950.00 divided by 8,000 miles). Maintenance and repairs CPM for that car is currently an incredibly low $0.003 ($25.00 divided by 8,000 miles). Anyone else record or track their CPM?