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High watt headlight bulbs experience

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    High watt headlight bulbs experience

    Just wondering if anyone had installed the 100w 9005 high beam and 80 watt low beam in their a body and if no problems occured. I also wanted to do the mod when it cools off some here. Some write ups are confusing to me even though i am an old electrician.
    Seems like use high beam + for relay trigger and get fused battery power and attach to low beam thru relay leaving oem low beam intact. Brites on relay snaps and lows stay on as well. Correct?

    I did that on a bunch of cars 20-25 years ago. First time I did it to my friend's Bonneville we took it out and some guy in a pickup brighted us so he hit his new brights and shouted "HOOWAH". It stuck. Ever since then we called that setup hoowahs.

    My Cherokee looks like it has pretty much the same headlight switch as a Celebrity/6000 at least. I put 6054HO sealed beams in it and whether that's the reason or not, burned out part of the headlight switch. It would still work but overheat after awhile. So I installed one of those headlight harnesses off Ebay for like $20 and problem solved Plug and play, no cutting of existing wires. The lights are also noticeably brighter, I was surprised. You might consider doing a separate headlight harness like that if you go to higher wattage bulbs.
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