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How to replace crank sensor

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    How to replace crank sensor

    How to change your crank sensor in three easy steps!

    1: Set parking brake and chock the rear wheels. Raise the vehicle and support it securely with jack stands.
    2: Crawl under the car, certainly getting greasy dirt in your hair. Get in position where the sensor probably is.
    3: Notice, after taking the time to get under the car, that you can't see, let alone reach, the sensor because there's a damn transmission in the way.
    4: Get out from under the car and lower it, feeling like a tool the whole time.
    5: Loosen the serpentine belt and remove alternator bracket (with alt attached, no need to take it off) using a 15mm deep socket. Set aside on the intake plenum.
    6: Try and look behind the engine. Fail.
    7: Feel around blindly back there until you've been poked by something sharp and plastic about seven or eight times.
    8: Find something. It might be what you're looking for.
    9: Don't worry, it is.
    10: Reach blindly again, this time with a 1/4 drive ratchet with a 10mm socket attached, to find the bolt holding the dealie in.
    11: Yeah, sensor, whatever.
    12: Spin the ratchet around a few times, accomplishing nothing.
    13: Replace 10mm with 8mm.
    14: Go back there again, getting poked some more. Remove bolt from the thingy. Sensor, fine.
    15: Pop the sensor out of the block and pry the little harness off of it, making sure you break the 19-year-old plastic clip in the process.
    16: Pop the new sensor back into the block, attach harness, put bolt back in.
    17: Tighten to 71 inch-pounds. Whatever, until it's tight.
    18: Alternator goes back on, gonna need that later.

    Seems to be running fine so far. I drove it around in my complex until it reached operating temperature, and it didn't stall. Took it down the street (in Vegas, "down the street" = two miles) to get some gas, and made it back home without incident.
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