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    Find all threads started by member

    In the old forum software, there was a link to find all threads posted by a given member on their profile page. Handy for looking for my own old threads, it was. That link is not available in the current version. Is there any way to add that back?
    Kaiser George IX: 1996 Buick Century Special wagon. 214-SFI. 227k miles. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. First documented LX9 swap in an A-body! Click here to read my build thread!
    Goldilocks: 1992 Buick Century Special sedan. 204-MFI. 132k miles.
    Susana: 1993 Buick Century Custom wagon. 204-MFI. 121k miles. No longer with us.

    You can click on a user's name in a thread and select "View user's posts". It doesn't arrange it by thread, but it's close.
    - Joe