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    This seems the best place to share this, since it is about the site itself.

    A friend of mine has been looking into getting one of these cars, and I told him he should check out the site, since there's a lot of valuable info here as well as good people. Well, he told me today that he got a good laugh when he tried to visit the site at work, and found it blocked by the internet filters. Their filter software apparently thinks that this is "a body rating site" along the lines of the infamous, called A Minus Body, as in a grade of A-.

    lol... Usually when you type those letters, you aren't really laughing, but in this case? Yeah I am, and lots of it.
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    Cute. I only have to type a-b in my address bar to find and go to my bookmark for this forum. I used to have it on my Chrome home page (new tab splash page) but I decided SearchTempest was more important. Hotornot is so old school. I think I have a 3.25 rating or something.
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