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    Page cannot be found

    Not sure if it was on my end, or yours, but for a little while here I couldn't get onto the forum. Showed the old 'Page Cannot Be Found' message. Like I said, not sure if it was my end or yours, but wanted to let you know. All seems well now, though.

    I'd rather drive a cobbled together rustbucket Ford than a brand new Chrysler anyday.

    i had the same problem

    Current car- 88 Olds Toronado Trofeo 3.8L LN3 83k

    Former car- 92 Buick Century Custom 3.3L LG7 151k-SOLD!


      All I know is since the server migration and "possible downtime", the "new posts" and the "updated in the last 24 hours" searches are not working.

      I just go open every forum and then look for anything that says the last post was yesterday or today and discount the ones I posted in last and I have my tabs open for anything new/updated.

      But figured I ought to be mentioning it's not working.
      Alan Moore - Lawton, OK
      RIP Cobalt February 2020
      08 Uplander LS van, maroon, 259K and counting