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Added another show vehicle to keep my 86 Europsort CL company

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  • chrisbnvds4
    Just click the upload attachment icon on the top right of the post reply box. I am sure that it's not just me that is curious about your ride.

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  • Added another show vehicle to keep my 86 Europsort CL company

    Hi All,

    Last February I purchased an 08 F-150 XLT, HD, 4WD with 51 options including an external tranny cooler and 18" chrome wheels. It was born w/ 45 options and previous owners added 6 additional ones. It looked special to me and after an inspection and knowing what it would need I bought it anyway. Truck has been in different shops for 4 1/2 months rebuilding the drive train, under carriage etc. Thank goodness for Car Shield. Luckily the exterior was well taken of. Found out about Marti Auto Works who is licensed by Ford to do production #'s. Preliminary report stated that my truck is a 1 of 757 just based on the exterior paint, (optional color) and the exterior trim, (tons of chrome). I received the final report which documents that my special truck is a 1 of 1. Unbelievable. Can't figure how to upload pics.

    Original owner 86 Eurosport CL w/ 33/38 options, all service receipts since car was new.
    4th owner of 08 F-150 XLT, HD, 4WD