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    i dont know man, as cheap as vehicles can be now i would have saved and waited for something a bit better.


      on a side note you can run a motor for about 4 minnits with out coolent be for the head temp get ot high. (ideling and not under load mind you

      witht coolent you cna run them for much longer

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        fwiw i like hi-q girls
        high quality girls dont like when men think they like them because of what theyre driving :P i love my gf... and in your ciera RUNNING? if it is, why the heck are you trying to fix your truck when you can fix the ciera?
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          Techie...congrats on your new purchase. The 300 Straight 6 is an awesome motor. The "Big Six" as it's called is nearly bullet proof. There are some mods where you can get some extra power out of the engine. Look for an "RV Crank" for some more torque. Also, the old UPS trucks ran the 300, and they had tube headers (if you can find one).

          Also, check out Their a great group of guys who totally know their stuff. But if you thnk you get your chops busted when you say something dumb here, you are in for a whole new world of getting your balls busted.

          Lastly, consider a mid 90's intake, as it was alot more open. IIRC the 300 used a similar rocker to the 460's. You can swap the stock rockers (which are like 1.5 or 1.6) for 1.7 roller rockers.
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            I should get her home 2morow so il post some pics.
            yeah i love the 300 6 the reason ford quit making them is they didnt sell a lot of parts for them


              correction, the reason ford quit making them is that they could no longer meat emissions requirements for the EPA. The same reason Jeep dropped the 4.0 6, and chevy dropped the 5.0/5.7 (thats the rumor on the Chevy anyways).
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                i got it home today my uncle's tow truck couldnt make it in my driveway, so we took the belt off, and it fired right up, it was a paint in the ass removing the old pump because the pulley is pressed on the pump and you have to take it off to remove it, we tried a puller for 3 hours with no avail, so we done it redneck style with a ball joint seperator and a sledge, the shaft sepereated from the pump, so the pulley was ON THERE. I bought a new pump, but the old pulley is ruint and you can only get one from ford, so Im going to a couple junkyards that are open 2morow to see if I can get one, I looked on ebay and it looks like any old pulley from a late 80s mid 90s ford motor will work.

                The truck runs excelent and it started in 5 seconds after it had sat 5 months.

                The guy a bought I from was a wheeler-dealer and i looked and the glovebox and the guy he bought it from... there was a paper in the glovebox for a court apperance with a charge of 30 grams of weed, meth and meth equipment, so thats how he bought it cheap, the guy went to the hokey-pokey

                but the guy I bought it from said he was going to rebuild the motor, but it was too cold, little did he know it was the pump

                so basicly for $250 I bought a solid, clean, little rusted truck with 103,000 (looked at the odometer wrong earlier) that had been serviced regulary by the original owner (not the doper)

                so The guy that bought it new in 1988, my dad knew him and said he remembers the truck, because he worked at gates rubber with him, is the first owner, he sold it in june 07 so he owned it for 19-20 years so he's the first owner

                the doper bought and got busted in july of 08 so he had it about a year so he is second owner

                the weeler-dealer bought it, but he never drove it so he dont count

                then I bought it so I'm the third owner

                i found all that info just from the glovebox
                i like to play john grissim (CSI) when I buy a vehicle, you can learn alot from old papers

                the truck needs a few things but there about a dime a dozen at the jy like the armest pad, a vent window handle, etc


                  p.s pix 2morow didnt have time to take them today had to get up at 5:15am for work