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    Anybody have any experience with these? I'm looking at a car for my mother. Basically around town kinda car, maybe a trip to Maine/NH once in awhile.

    I have a picture of it around somewhere-body looks mint. Guy said it's a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim auto with a 4-cylinder w/133k. If your not familar with it, it's based on the same platform (at least they look alike) as the Dodge spirit and the Chrysler Acclaim.

    I could probably handle most of the stuff, but does this suffer from the same tranny issues the caravans had?

    Underpowered, around town cars. The engines have known problems with head gasket failures. They also have a timing belt, so find out when it was last changed. Weakest part of these cars are the tranny. They love failing. But last longer with the 4 cyl cause of the low power.
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      The short answer to your question is yes, they have the very same issues. IMHO these are far better cars when equipped with the 3.0l v6. My father has a 94 or so Lebaron that is the very same car, it has pretty good power with the six.
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        They are basicly just a redesigned K car, same crappy 2.2 engine, gutless, and as mentioned above they blow head gaskets and have timing belt issues.
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          Yeah I passed on it.