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    84 mpg

    2015 Elio: $6,800.00

    i almost like it......
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      Originally posted by fixitman333 View Post
      i almost like it......
      Comes with AC/Heat...keeps the bugs out of your eyes....what more could you want?

      Downside - They suggest they will build the well it will be engineered is the question mark...along with rest of driveline components.

      Today's motorcycles (liquid cooled) can get 100k plus in theory, with a well engineered drive-line, it could be a nice vehicle, bang for the buck.


        Also there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes questioning how much of this is just made up. There are a bunch of people who paid money to this company and not much has come to them, and some people are starting to believe nothing ever will. I don't think many believe the 84 mpg figure will be reached if they do get their cars.
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          Originally posted by lemons bob View Post
          ...stuff going on behind the scenes questioning...
          Read: Elio Motors Inc. Names Dave Schembri to Board of Directors
          ================================================== =========

          When Paul Elio first announced that he was going to build an 84 MPG, three-wheeled, enclosed, motorcycle … AND successfully sell the thing in the US, I was beyond doubtful. When the Caddo Parish in Louisiana released Elio’s financials, its numbers didn’t add up, either, leading many- including and especially, me!- to suggest the whole thing was a scam.

          Kudos to Paul, though. Since then he has been utterly transparent- and sharp enough to convince taxpayers in Louisiana to buy him an old GM plant, explain that the deposits he’s been taking were a proof of demand in order to qualify for a $200 million DOE loan, and explain that the company had plans to sell its EPA/CAFE credits to the big three two to the tune of several hundreds of millions of dollars. Per year.


            Press Release – Elio Motors Unveils Engine Prototype

            Troy, Mich., March 6, 2015 – Elio Motors today announced it has unveiled its new 0.9 liter, 3-cylinder engine prototype, completing one of the company’s most important stages of development.

            Several engine components, including the cylinder block, cylinder heads, CAM cover, front cover, oil pan, crankshaft, camshaft, valve train, pistons, connecting rods, bearings and water pump were developed specifically for Elio Motors. The final parts were recently machined and assembled and the prototype was started and run through several tests on a dynamometer.


              Originally posted by lemons bob View Post
              Also there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes questioning how much of this is just made up.
              Say hello to Elio. The ultra-high-mileage, sleek two-seater for an incredibly affordable base price. Coming fourth quarter 2016!

              On Feb. 12, Elio Motors reached 50,000 reservations for a place in line to buy the vehicle.


                April 28, 2016 - Elio Motors completes engineering, moves to crash testing - Crash testing is next, before commercial production begins.


                  Elio Hired The Onion to Make a Commercial and It's Pretty Great

                  Elio Motors Three-Wheeled Car Now On Preorder Starting At $7,000: Just Don't Change Your Mind
                  13 August 2016,


                    Web site has been updated:

                    Reserve for as little as $100 and receive:

                    A $7,300* base price. A limited time 25% bonus.
                    Official place in line for your Elio as one of 60,000+ reservation holders
                    Reserve by January 1, 2017 and receive a limited edition Elio T-shirt
                    StreetAudio Headphones** from audio system partner MTX Audio (new $500 and $1,000 non-refundable reservation levels)


                      Elio Motors Reportedly Pushes Launch Back Until 2018, Owing To Financial Problems

                      Why the delay? The company is apparently having some financial problems, according to some reports. Of course, some in the industry have claimed for years that the whole thing is a scam and that the trike would never be mass produced. (See extensive list of background articles — including some exclusives — on the bottom of this article.)

                      Here’s more from Autoblog: “As of September 30th, the company had $101,317 in cash, down from $6.87 million at the beginning of last year. And while it has collected $24.8 million in non-refundable customer deposits, the company also had $30.7 million in current liabilities, up from $20.2 million at the beginning of the year. Through September 30th, the company’s net loss widened to $34.8 million from $13.9 million a year.”

                      It’s hard to tell what exactly to make of those figures, without more context anyways, but they don’t look particularly good.


                        "Today's motorcycles (liquid cooled) can get 100k plus miles...."

                        A M/C can do well over 100K if water cooled. Maybe 250,0000 miles. A friend's air cooled Kawi went 165,000 miles...just change oil.

                        My 650 gets 52 MPG If I don't get radical.

                        Besides, at even 7 grand, this is a "throwaway" car on today's market when a Yaris is $14K..and it's a POS.

                        This article does not describe the power train at all.


                          Elio Motors needs $376M to bring its three-wheelers to production

                          Looks like all those reservation holders are going to have to keep waiting.

                          Elio Motors' three-wheeled, fuel-efficient car was supposed to enter production in mid-2015, and that date's been pushed back several times. Now, it's hoping to start building in 2018, but there's a big catch.

                          Elio Motors will need $376 million to begin production in 2018, Jalopnik reports, citing details in Elio's 1-K form filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Approximately $64 million of that is for supplier agreements, with the remainder required to finish prototypes, test them and eventually move to series production.


                            I feel for those people that preordered but yeah it always seemed like a long shot. Building a car company from the ground up is really difficult add it the experimental nature of the car it was always going to be a huge effort. Selling as a kit would have been more likely because less regulations.

                            I have donated to a number of crazy ideas as public funded ideas just because I thought it was worth trying some ideas even if they were likely to fail, like the solar roadways, or megabots, but with Elio the idea of a downpayment on something that is questionable to exist and even if it does may end up having to be very different than what they proposed seemed a bit much.
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                              Originally posted by lemons bob View Post
                              ...Building a car company from the ground up is really difficult.... Selling as a kit
                              Question is, is their product good to go, or were they having issues.

                              Kit Vehicle - With all of these front wheel drive vehicles, I'm surprised someone hasn't created a kit for them. In countries like Germany, it seems this can't be done.

                              Elio Motors appealing $500K fine

                              The Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission fined Elio Motors $272,500 for not having a manufacturer's license and another $272,500 for not having an automobile dealer's licenses.

                              Elio has 60 days to get the proper licenses, or face a daily fine of $5,000.

                              "We were recently asked to divert resources away from our mission to meet with the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission. The commission, primarily made up of traditional auto dealers, ruled that Elio Motors is already a manufacturer and that we were not currently in compliance with state regulations. We do not believe the findings were in harmony with Louisiana motor vehicle laws nor in the best interest of the people of Louisiana or Elio Motors, and plan to appeal the decision" said Elio Motors CEO Paul Elio.

                              Elio Motors was also ordered to separate any refundable and non-refundable deposits from customers and place the refundable deposits in an escrow account.