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    Trw es2111r

    The Celeb needed new outer tie rod ends. Bought these at Rock Auto. I figured since TRW owns MOOG the parts would be comparable. While the TRW parts are "OK" I will not give a ringing endorsement. My complaints are as follows:
    1) picture on Rock Auto site shows the tie rod has a grease zerk. I always prefer to buy suspension parts that require periodic maintenance. Yes, it is more work but in my view the extra work yields better results.
    2) The Boot is non replaceable. and uses a wire ring at the taper to hold it on. If it tears it can not be replaced.
    3) The Boot made installation difficult. Had to push the boot down to the main tie rod housing so I could get reasonable room to run the castellated nut. In my opinion I had to torque the castellated nut way too much to have clearance for the cotter pin installation. I was uncomfortable with the amount of torque used (over 55 ft-lb) way too much in my opinion.

    On the positive side:
    1) The gold anodized coating provides bling until it gets dirty.
    2) Steering is very responsive now that all steering parts are new (no new ball joints yet).

    My verdict: spend more money on the MOOG parts and call it good.
    1959 Chevrolet Apache 31 235 I-6 SM420
    1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Conv 350-4 V8 THM350
    1988 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport 2.8 V-6 Getrag 5 Speed

    It's been many years (25 years), but I had a front end rebuilt in my '77 Pontiac, all TRW. I had consecutive lower ball joint failures with under 80,00 miles on them. They were greased regularly. Been a Moog man ever since, except once when I bought a Raybestos ball joint for my Century. That one went back since Raybestos advertized it as an advanced non-gusher joint ball-joint. It came in as cheap gusher joint. I complained to Rock Auto and Raybestos about the misleading description for our application. Rock Auto just gave me my money back, and Raybestos was similarly disintersted.

    I'm with you on the zerk fittings, but it's the way of the future apparently.

    Ken T.