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Meguiars ScratchX 2.0

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  • SilverBullet1990
    I might try a bottle, I wonder how it would do with my Porter-Cable 7424XP DA polisher. I've had good results with their Ultimate Compound and a white pad on my Luminas.

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  • PGuru
    started a topic Meguiars ScratchX 2.0

    Meguiars ScratchX 2.0

    Hey guys,

    I was cleaning my car yesterday when a friend of mine handed me a bottle of this product to try. Didn't know what to expect as I've never used products like it before. He had used it on his mazda 3, and although it didn't totally conceal his scratches, it helped.

    I had to put a fairly large number of coats (you just put it on a cloth and rub it in) but I did see some results. Now, from what the bottle claimed, I expected quite a lot more effectiveness. The scratches I used it on are still there. That being said, they've gone down significantly; went from being noticeable scratches to not-really-noticeable-unless-you're-really-looking scratches. If I get the chance I'll find another scratch and do a before/after comparison.

    All in all, I'll give it a 3/5 stars.