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Cutlass Ciera 1984 engine swap

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    Cutlass Ciera 1984 engine swap

    This is my first post in a while, so if I am wrong about the thread, please don't be mad at me

    I have a Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 1984 3.0 V6.

    The engine is dying and I can't find a new one to replace it, but I found a engine near my job similar. It's L67 3800 serie ll supercharged with the computer and harness

    I need to know if this swap is possible? This is my new project, but I need your help guys!

    My transmission: 440-T4

    Thanks for reading this post!!
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    I know there are guys here who know way more about this, hopefully one of them will chime in.

    The engine should physically fit, however there may be issues with the trans. Both because the donor car would have had an electronically controlled trans, and the donor car may have had a stronger version of the 4 speed to handle the supercharged engine.

    I remember reading about someone named Terry Kelley who swapped a 3800SC into a mid 80s Ciera. Excellent job but there were a ton of things that needed done. That was almost 20 years ago and I can't find it now.

    I think your best bet for a more powerful setup with little hassle would be a 3800/3.8 from a mid to late 80s Ciera or Century. Those were meant to work with your trans. You would still need the wiring harness and computer.
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      I?d say if you want to go for reliability and cost you can swap everything with a 3.3 and re wire the whole car for it . Remember pending being a 1984 u need a new gas tank and pump and fuel lines as well since to a newer 1990s car it?s old carb so that needs to be addressed . The physical frame body can take really any engine you want from 3.3- the Chevy family as well 2.8-3.5 as well as a Cadillac 4.9 v8 . The biggest question is finding a whole parts car with everything you need to swap over the transmission won?t hold up so new axles as well or custom . The wiring is not to bad but u going to have to find a car with a whole harness then work from there customizing to the new engine . So more or less Frankenstein it to make it all work and dependable . Look for a 1995 Buick lesabre 3.8 with the 4t60-e you can find most of them in accidents or low milage and pull the motor tranny as one . The axles as well . See if you come across what ever car you want pull the axles your going to have to make them . As far as a direct swap you need tons of parts to make it work . The l67 3.8 and tranny is the 4t65-hd you need new fabricate a rear mount pending on the year that came from after 99 they deleted the rear mount set up for the mount to cradle design so you have to fabricate that and weld it to the cradle . It?s a project for sure but good note a junk yard is your best friend for all the . U need a 89-93 3.3 engine mount and bracket to put that l67 in perfectly little trimming is required . I can go on and on man .....