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88 cutlass ciera supercharged 3800 swap

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    88 cutlass ciera supercharged 3800 swap

    So I'm working on getting the neccesary parts together to swap an l67 into my 88 ciera brougham. I pulled the engine and trans out of a 97 riviera so I assume I'll need a w body oil pan and filter adapter.
    My main concern at this stage is mounting, I read that you can use stock 3300 mounts to put this engine into an a body.
    I assume the easiest way of doing this would be if I could bolt a 90s ciera s subframe into my 88 as the 88 didn't come with a 3300 engine option. Is this possible? Or do I have to modify my 88 subframe?

    Actually the cradle can accept the 3.8 -3.3 Chevy engines 90 degree 60 degree motors . So you can keep the cradle as is just find a 3.3 engine and grab the ac bracket as well and the new king for the lower engine mount attached to the harmonic balancer . Keep in mine the l67 transmission tho is a semi direct fit but depending on what car the l67 came from and year you will have to fabricate a rear transmission mount since in the newer l67 4t65-hd from 99 and up deleted the bolt bosses so it was bolted to the side pan to the cradle in select cars . The oil adapter u can use the 3300 to locate it better in the car . Keep in mind all the engine upgrades and power and weight look through the forum and upgrade the suspension brakes etc .