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My $850 cdn 92' Cutlass Ciera SL 3.3l pic heavy

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    Doesn't hurt to change your (tranny) filter and fluid. I had a bit of slip with my 1990 never had a problem. But my 1988 went as it had almost no fluid in it due to leak
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      Originally posted by XgfXca View Post
      Thanks for the tip I have checked the fluid level and all seems well however i will check under the car at the bolts and make sure everything is snug: What is everyone's opinion on transmission service? The previous owner basically had the fluid changed yearly based on the records I have.
      If it's been regularly serviced, then keep doing it. Generally speaking, if the opposite is true, ie you don't know if it's ever been serviced, then it would not be that great of an idea. Changing the fluid on an old transmission can sometimes accelerate its death.

      Also, if you're a "spirited" driver, it's not a bad idea to overfill the trans by about half a liter or so, to prevent starvation of the oil pump when cornering.
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        Here is the options the car has. Also If anyone has not I highly suggest getting the GM Service manual for your vehicle. It will be for your year and model and is alot more informative then Haynes or Chilton and its easy to find on ebay for most of our cars!

        1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ceira SL 3.3L 2014- Weekend/Summer Car
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          Welcome to the forum! Glad to see another 3300 powered A-Body join the fray, sometimes it seems like I'm the only one on here that likes that motor.

          Since you mentioned possibly getting a different set of rims, look at my classified ad. They're 442 styled "Super Stock" rims like all the RWD 70s/80s Oldsmobiles were equipped with.

          Your car is exceptionally clean & I hope you hang onto it! Seems like we get a lot of new members that are content to just join & try to sell their car. As for a Flowmaster muffler, I never cared too much for the sound of them, especially on a V6-they always sounded 'echo-ey' and raspy without the burbling to back up the displacement. I have a video of my Cutlass equipped with a Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler (2.25 inch pipe), you can hear it here:

          Now my car has a Dynomax Ultra Flow (3 inch pipe) with a Holset H1E turbocharger, but that's about to change.

          If you're curious about the 3300 & its anatomy, look at my build thread below. I haven't updated it in about a year due to my university schooling but there have been a lot of things I've accomplished that I need to add to the thread.

          As for tires, I currently have some 195/70R14s on it, they are Achilles Platinum directional tires. Probably the best set I've ever had on the car in stock size. If you want a wide muscle-car stance with some better cornering capability, go for some 215/60R14s. I used to have a set of BFGoodrich Radial T/As on my car in that size, but they're 'discontinued' & prohibitively expensive from
          What is this & what does pulling it out do?


            I didnt know there was places that do that... in the winter I always ran through the car was one a week... when I missed, I noticed rust pop out.

            And I am a huge 3300 fan too... all my a body s have had them
            Roads.... Where we're going, we don't need roads.


              Nice looking Ciera, don't see them that clean in the salt belt anymore. Hope she treats you well.
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                Two thumbs up! That was a good deal on your Ciera. I've own an '85, an '87, and now my '89. All of them have been fine cars. All of them have performed very well.

                Nice color combo too!


                  Originally posted by Ciera91 View Post
                  There's about 3 makers of 185/75/14 white walls. Uniroyal,Cooper, and Hankook. Expensive to least order 85-55$ a tire. I'm actually going to get a set of the hankook's soon(55$). But 195/75/14 because most places actually have a full set in stock in that size.
                  Michellin still makes a 205/70R14, which is what I have on my a-body cars. They are nice tires.

                  Ken T.


                    A bit of an update:

                    Since the nice weather has finally arrived I have had the pleasure to get out to some of the local U Pull yards and got some cosmetic parts as well as a U-Van sway bar from a Lumina. Anyone know where you can get the end bushings I can find the two center easy but even GM has discontinued the End bushings which means I have to use what I have.

                    I Pulled the sway bar out of this classic van

                    This one has one as well, but the Lumina had easy access

                    If you remember from early posts I had a crack in my left taillight well this Ciera donated two! the reflectors under the reverse lens are brighter as well.

                    NewOnes on My Car

                    This Ciera donated its front grille emblem! as well as Rim trim. And left rear deflector.

                    This Century donated a nice chrome gear shifter!

                    I hope you guys don't mind me adding pictures of the vehicles I grab my parts from as I think it will tell the story of my car.

                    So in the next few months:
                    Install U-Van Sway Bar,
                    Custom Steering wheel install,
                    Tint the Windows,
                    Fix front speakers,
                    Install fuel door spring.

                    When I got my car it had come with a remote for remote locks and trunk. I went out and bought two 2016 batteries and tried it. Car did nothing I look in the FSM and it lead me to the drivers side of the trunk to a green connection to short for the car to be able to match the key fob with the car. When I did nothing happened. When I was at the U-Pull I found the same module and brought it home to try still nothing happened.... I guess it could be a wire somewhere.

                    1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ceira SL 3.3L 2014- Weekend/Summer Car
                    2012 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ 1.4L Turbo 2012- Daily Driver
                    1995 Chevrolet Silverado C1500 5.0L 2005-2012
                    1995 Chevrolet Astro 4.3L Dads 1996-2003 Mine 2003-2005


                      dude that big field is the coolest "junk" yard ever--I mean it must have some really good vibes out there with the nature around it. Yards down here are usually going to be in an industrial type setting
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