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    Been awhile, an update....

    So I haven't been active here for awhile, but still had my 1993 Goldie the whole time, and it finally started blowing the motor after 329K miles. 3300 v6, and the trans is the 125c, which should not ever have lasted this long.

    Not bad for a 400 buck car.

    Sounds like it's running on broken glass, and most of the electric has failed. It's time to say goodbye, as much as I don't want to.

    She's my Goldilocks and my best friend of a car, my "just right". I have a severe back problem, and it's been the perfect car, and tons o' fun when she ran right.

    All good things....

    Well, yes, they end. It's ready to part out. Let me know if you need anything from a 1993 Cutlass Ciera, we'll wheel and deal.

    I bought a 2001 Chrysler T&C van. I hated it. with a passion. Hans, git der flammenwaffer. I wanted My car back, and would often slap Goldie back together just enough to ride again. But she's dying. Still runs, but really sad.

    So I wandered craigslist. And found a 1989 Cutlass Ciera with 88K original miles.

    Holy fuck low miles and dirt cheap.

    What the hell is wrong with it? Motor, Trans? What terror am I getting into it?

    I showed up, cash in hand, to look over the car.

    Paint is faded and clearcoat is gone. Weatherstripping is falling off the doors. But, no rust on the door frames. faded, some primer showing, but now rust. Wow! Underside is CLEAN, holy fuck. No rot in the rear wheel wells, only a tiny spot of jungle rot on the drivers side but still solid.

    3300 V6, clean, guy just replaced the MAP sensor, ($300 part) recent oil change, power steering pump is tired, needs a motor mount on the passenger side, and an intake manifold replacement, but new oil change, new radiator, new water pump, belts, and cooling hoses, except for the heater core, which isn't there. I have a new one in the other car, as well as new hoses, so easy fix.

    He was going to junk it the next day, dropped the price to 200 while I was inspecting it. I handed it over right then and there.

    He goes in to grab his papers to transfer the title, and hands me 50 bucks back.

    $150, another 100 for tax, tags and titling, and I have, now, a 1989 Cutlass Ciera with a solid body, with 88K original on the clock. Ceiling liner is gone, but it seems to have a couple rare options I can find, trunk opener button and a rear deck storage box (Doug DeMuro just found that on a 1991 S class and was going nuts over it, GM had it in their Cutlass C in 1989!) Plus still has the dinger that goes off after a mile or so with your turn signal on, and that hood opens a full 90 degrees.

    It needs some suspension help, has a stainless exhaust, and that 3300 has BALLS beyond Goldie.

    Personal preference would be with the 125c 3 speed because I'm used to it, but the 4 speed OD seems stronger, and the lower 3 are closer geared for sport, I just need to figure them out better, though I have had moments of getting some great notes out of that 3300.

    I'll add pictures to this thread of the cars as I think of it, I may be a little more active here.... I have stories of Goldie....
    Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own....

    Sad to see Goldie pass. Nice save on the Ciera.
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      Originally posted by Drop Top Olds View Post
      Sad to see Goldie pass. Nice save on the Ciera.
      Goldie's still around, just now parts. Some stuff is different, but so much can come over to solve what's wrong with Fizzgig.

      Shakedown run of Fizzgig after a set of tires, new front brakes, and oil change. Heater core is still bypassed and it was 10 degrees outside, so I was in a rush to get home. Not as fast as I used to run Goldie up the hill, but still the first time I opened it up and getting used to the 4 spd pattern.

      This was in Etters, PA, just a mile away from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant.

      Picture of Fizzgig, the 1989 with 88K. I have since replaced the grill, front tires, hubcaps and brake system. About an hour of work. ( I love how easy these things are to work on.)

      The van. 2001 T&C for 300 bucks on a reconstructed title. on Paper, everything I needed for myself and the family. Driving it, it's like dealing with a bitchy disney mom who hates any kind of dirty fun. I wanted my Goldie back.

      Here's a pic of her when I got up to Three Mile Island, after a move from South Carolina. 800 miles with no muffler, straight piped, redneck- rigged to the hilt, and wonderful the whole drive.

      That topper was for moving purposes, and I caught my seatbelt in the door when I closed it in excitement of seeing TMI for the first time (more stories on that one later)

      She had 300K on it at the time.
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      Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own....


        That van for 300 bucks? Steal of a deal
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          Originally posted by Tyson View Post
          That van for 300 bucks? Steal of a deal
          chrysler, you get what you pay for.... hate that fucking van....
          Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own....


            Light body, plenty of power, what more can you ask for? The engineers at GM did a good job fixing the x-body into the a-body.

            Ken T.