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A "new" daily for the wife

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    A "new" daily for the wife

    Wife has been driving an '06 Civic Hybrid. It's got over a quarter million miles on it, is rougher than a cat's tongue and I don't feel like fixing anything more on it.

    I had just bought my '96 Ciera wagon a few weeks ago, well as of Saturday I added a '93 Century to the stable. Going to be an all A body family for the bulk of our driving.

    Car came to my buddy's Midas, needing a torque converter solenoid. Owner didn't want to drop $700 at Midas into the car, sold it to me for $500. We'll knock the install out in a couple weeks after our upcoming Lemons race. I think the part ran me all of $40 with shipping, labor will get you every time. Good thing for me, I don't mind getting dirty.

    I don't have pics to share yet, but it's got 97k miles, the interior is great except for a problem with the recline switch for the passenger side front seat and the fabric is ripped around said switch. Exterior, it's got some surface rust, nothing we can't stop now before it gets bad.

    Now, I just need to get rid of a couple cars. Civic, of course, but also our '98 Grand Am. I know a guy who needs a good 3.1 and the car has seen better days... it's not worth putting the money into to make as nice as the A cars.

    Holding this space available for when we fix it.
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    Nice. Many reasons I keep the a-bodys. Easy to work on and very reliable. Most parts are cheap and pretty easy to get. I still see quite a few on the road, compared to many other carlines of that vintage. And being older, the yearly registration is cheaper. Also I love the comfort and the visibility compared to the hard seats and ridiculously thick pillars of the new cars. I can't even see to back up my mom's 2014 Escape. She says that's what the backup camera is for. Seriously?

    TCC solenoid is definitely doable. Also check the internal harness. I tore into the 4T60E on my Trans Sport van, come to find out the solenoids all tested good. But the harness had loose connectors that I'm sure would get iffy when the trans heated up.
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