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1986 Pontiac 6000LE pulled from a field

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    1986 Pontiac 6000LE pulled from a field

    2.8 carbed. According to the seller it sat for about 10 years. Wiring and hoses are chewed up. It cranks and runs for a few seconds if you pour gas into the carb. What needs to be done:
    Deep clean inside and out
    Rewire as needed
    Replace all rubber fuel/vacuum lines
    New dashboard (pulled from late Buick Century)
    New paint (will probably paint it all the bottom color)
    Replace fuel pump
    And much, much more
    Will this carburetor work? I know it will need a vacuum advance distributor. Also, what cylinder head and cam choices do I have? I don't need anything crazy but with all GM 60 degree V6s in junkyards I figure there's something out there that will bolt on without trouble and improve performance.

    Nice find. I'm not much on which carbs or cams will work. There are iron head and aluminum head engines, you have an iron head style. From what I understand the aluminum and iron heads physically interchange but won't run because of compression ratio and possibly other things. The early 90s Lumina APV (and others) used a 3.1 version of the iron head engine, it had a TBI intake, and a front cover similar (or same as) the aluminum head engines.

    In 2005 I got a 89 6000 wagon out of a coworker's field. Had been sitting 6 years with a blown head gasket. I put in a battery, some gas, fixed a brake line, and drove it home (though I had to stop every 5 miles to let it cool down and add more water). Put in a low mileage engine I found for $50 and drove it for 9 years, long trips downstate for my daughter in the middle of winter every 2 weeks, it never let me down. We got rust up here though. I welded the trailing arms once, but the floor and gas tank was starting to give way and there wasn't much left to weld to this time around.

    I also had an 86 Celeb wagon with a carbed 2.8. Got that car for $50 back in 1997. It ran really good for awhile. Don't know what happened, but eventually it just wouldn't run right. I tried rebuilding the carb to no avail, but I'm not a carb expert either. Eventually I just hard wired the choke open about 1/4" with a paperclip and it ran much better.
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