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European diesel and stick shift info?

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  • white89euro
    Hi, I'm sorry no one has gotten back to you sooner. As far as I know the GM vans were marketed as Opels in the last series of GM Minivans - this would be 1997 and later. For the APV vans, I don't know. However this is a yahoo group for APV vans that is semi-active. You may want to try there.


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  • TheGreatPotato
    started a topic European diesel and stick shift info?

    European diesel and stick shift info?

    Hi, i'm new to this board, so I guess i'll combine my introduction with the reason for seeking this board out.

    I've been a big fan of these vans for a long time although I haven't had one yet. I actually like the dustbusters better than the later ones because they look more like a star trek shuttlecraft. Still looking futuristic twenty years later whereas certain other things that came out of the 90's looked kinda goofy...

    I hope to have at least one project van in the future, possibly even two (one for eco/long range driving, one for performance) so I might well ask some seemingly contradictory questions ("wait I thought you wanted mileage...") as I explore possibilities and projects in the future.

    First up though is the reason that originally brought me here. Are there any european users on these boards who have familiarity with the europe-only engine and transmission options? Both the quad 4 and a Peugeot/Citroen diesel were available over there, as well as a 5 speed manual transmission. I'm trying to find information about all of it, exploring possibilities for a US swap which i'm hoping will be closer to a bolt in (even if it requires getting mounts ordered from europe or something) because I want the benefits of engine swapping without having to fabricate up everything from scratch just yet. I can bolt and go but don't want a first project to be too complicated.

    Whether I do eco or performance, gas or diesel, i'm really wanting a stick shift.