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well, it *does* say "All Purpose Vehicle",

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  • Duke George V
    These vans are terribly capable. If you plan on regularly moving things around, I would recommend buying a set of Monroe Sensa-Trac load-adjusting shocks, part number 58427. They're a coilover design, much more durable than standard shocks. I had a set on my old Trans Sport, and I had no problem carrying either a full load of people or a bunch of crap. The tradeoff is a very stiff ride when empty, though.

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  • lurker
    started a topic well, it *does* say "All Purpose Vehicle",

    well, it *does* say "All Purpose Vehicle",

    so today i used the cadillac of minivans as a pickup truck.
    today i went over to a neighbor's with my APV and chainsaw, and near filled it up with free firewood. after i unloaded it, i went up to the next town and bought a nominal rick. there's a stack between the wheelwells, then two more behind the front seats, up to the top of the headrests. there's probably space left for another stack behind the wheelwells. handled it fine, although it seemed a little top heavy, so i took it real easy on the turns.
    couple of people looked at me funny, as if there's something odd about using a starfleet shuttlecraft to haul firewood, but i'll use my leafblower to clean the bark and debris out and it'll be nice and clean again.

    i've been thinking about turning it into a part time hippy/camper van. anyone done this?