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my 01 olds van.

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    my 01 olds van.

    Hey guys. I just got I 01 van as my new daily driver. I really like it.
    But like all my other cars I can't leave it alone.
    I already installed a set of heavy duty brakes.and new rear shocks.
    This van was equipped with air shocks and compressor. But it was hacked out by previous owner.
    My exhaust system is leaking so this spring I will be doing some sort of performance system.
    I am also thinking about heavy duty rear springs but haven't seen any yet.

    Welcome! Glad you're here.

    There is a thread on here about custom springs - not sure if those would work on a van or not though. I have several cars, but have not had a van.

    The air compressor and level sensor can be found at the junkyard. It was used on many GM cars in the 80's and 90's.


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      Also installed front rotors and pads. Along with both control arms as mine where rotted out. And did stabilizer end links.
      Now need front struts.
      I will need to repair the exhaust as its leaking. Will probably remove the stock resonator and get a nice stainless tip will remove the stock muffler as that's where it if leaking replacing it with a turbo muffler or glasspack.
      Also need to convert my front seats to manual as they are power. And the pass seat don't work at all. Plus I just hate it


        Hey guys a couple of questions. First I am gonna be redoing my exhaust at that time I will be removing the huge stock muffler and resonotor. So my question is should I install the new muffler under the van where the stock one was. Or put it in the back where the resonator?
        Also should I go with a turbo muffler or glass pack muffler??