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Thinking of Selling My 81 Omega

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    On the rust.. My 96 saturn. A piece of plastic. I said its fine. Passed inspection. When i got rid of it. I jumped on the back bumper and it broke off. Because the entire bracket was rotted away. Thats rust problems. My celebrity had rust holes in the door. Replaced that. But being through 2 pa winters its showing some bad surface rust. I already replaced the back bumper. My buddy didnt believe me the chrome was holding it together. Kicked it right in the middle and my foot went through it..

    When your foot fits its shot


      That's too bad. I found a complete Omega sans the sport front clip with a carbed V6 in San Antonio P-N-P. It would make a great donor for quarters. It is very complete too, even had the junior Super Stock II wheels on it. I found this thread too late to assist someone in saving that car.
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