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216 Buick in Citation?

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    216 Buick in Citation?

    Has anyone tried a small block Chevy (Very Small, a 216 CID Al Buick) in a Citation? What adapters if any necessary to go to a stock 4/5 speed Xaxle?

    Merry Christmas

    Dan Oh

    An old Buick engine like that is going to have the BOP bellhousing, while your stock transmission has the GM metric bellhousing, common between the Iron Duke, 2200, Chevy V6s, 305/350, and LS engines. You would need a bellhousing adapter. Not too difficult to get a hold of. Plenty of folks have mated corporate transmissions to the Buick V8 in the past.

    I might question your wanting to use the Buick V8 when other, more plentiful engines have been successfully swapped into X-bodies over the years. Chevy V6, Buick V6, Cadillac 4.9, and so on.
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      I don't understand putting a Chevy V6 where a Chevy V6 came out? I have heard of 350's fitting in Citations, I think a tiny V8 is the best option. Light, lots of flexibility; I think this with headers and a 5 speed LSD and a very small 4 barrel progressive bore/ vacuum secondary would not only go faster but ride smoother/better mileage.


        The 60 degree Chev V-6 (2.8, 3.1, 3.4L) was a different animal than the 90 degree Chev V-6 (3.3, 3.8,and 4.3L) The 90 degree was derived from the pre-existing small block V-8 while the 60 degree was a clean sheet of paper all metric engine from the beginning.