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Anybody ever built a 2 door A-body wagon?

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    Yeah all you need is an enclosure or adapter with the proper connectors, and you can hook it up to any computer and pull off all the data you want. I do it all the time, fixing computers on the side. Nobody ever updates their commercial antivirus past the 90 day trial, so they get infected and their system dies. Physically pulling the drive and hooking it up to another system is one way to clean things up.
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      Hey Everyone,

      Your wish is my command:

      I know this car has been on eBay at least twice, and these photos are from the first auction years ago. Somewhere, I have photos from the later auction, when the L67 was in place...

      Also, on a similar yet completely different subject, here is a shot of a Celeb-Camino:

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        Thanks for posting those!

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          Yes indeed! THANKS!

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            Looks great. Not a fan of the interior though. Needs to be cleaned and swapped to a Celebrity dash. The Camino, thats just hawt.


              I rather like the Ciera dash and how he did the interior myself though...its still 4 seats or 5 if ya count the middle in rear...and if its still a wagon seat system, the guy could fold the back seat down for more cargo...or hanky!
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                I like it, but yeah the interior looks a bit halfassed. Not too keen on the hood scoops, those belong on either carbed v8s or turbocharged and intercooled four cylinders, if you ask me.
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                  A project like this would be really cool to work on. Here's my sketch for a century 2 door wagon build..

                  I shortened the bumpers to give it a bit more modern look. I would build this with folding rear seats with room for 5 or cargo.
                  Hell I might even add a roof rack, and tow hitch hehe

                  Also, I would try to make it look as original as possible, as if it had come from the factory this way. Especially the chrome details.

                  As far as tech specs, maybe a turbo L67, CAI, High Flow Exhaust, Sway Bars, Disc Brakes all around, ect..

                  I'm sure this could still have enough space to integrate an electric drive system for the rear wheels, making it AWD and a whole lot faster, and still have cargo space.


                    Very nice sketch, popeye.

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