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Metra or Scosche Dash Kit for aftermarket head unit ?

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    Metra or Scosche Dash Kit for aftermarket head unit ?

    I am going to remove the old factory GM cassette AM/FM radio and install a newer single din Kenwood HU.

    I know the GM opening is for the 1.5 din so I will need to get dash kit and wondered if there was a preferred dash kit I should buy. I would really like to have a 1/2 din pocket but I don't think it is offered with these aftermarket kits.

    Which dash kit should I get and will I also need to pick up the antenna adapter for a 93 Ciera ?
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    i have the scosche but only because i have the woodgrain interior with it being a 93 u might want to go with metra because it sits flush and is all black


      Im not sure if Sosche has an adjustable one but metra does. On alot of these GM cars there is not much room behind. The Metra adjustable one will help you use all that space and have the radio sticking out as little as possible.

      Not the one that has 4 different pieces, I mean the one that slides in and out so you can adjust it exactly.
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        I have a Metra in mine and it looks nice due to being adjustable. Pulled it out a bit and it really ties in nicely. For anyone wondering 12 years past the end of this thread
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